Colonoscope training model
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Colonoscope training model

3.117,80 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs (Paket) Depending on the country of delivery, the VAT may vary at checkout.
  • Delivery time: 47 - 55 Workdays (Other countries)

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Colonoscope training model Colonoscope training model

Colonoscope training model

Soft and floppy colon with airtight structure allows realistic colonoscope insertion and withdrawal training with air insufflation/suction functions and maneuver techniques which reduce patients' pain and discomfort in the examination procedures. Human colons are organs which move in our abdomen and change their shapes to accommodate contents.
The training model facilitates learning how to obtain the best view while handling the organ by the colonoscope. In addition to such changing state of each colon, there are significant varieties in each individual’s colon, some are shorter and simpler and others are redundant and more complicated. This innovative training model is designed to allow various colons' placement, facilitating trainees to acquire the skills step by step to achieve higher competence.

  • The soft, floppy colon tube which shows realistic response to colonoscope manipulation, facilitating acquire skills in preventing loops and straightening them to reach safely to the caecum.
  • The colon-rectum tube can be set airtight to allow training in insufflation and suction by the colonoscope.
  • The anal sphincter can be tightened and relaxed by the manual pump to meet the training’s requirements.
  • The abdomen manikin is designed to take three positions, left lateral, right lateral and supine, allowing the patient position change in the procedures.
  • Colon-rectum tube can be placed freely on the base of the abdominal cavity. 5 sheets of colon layout guides with 6 cases and a training guide book facilitate structured training program.
  • Manual abdominal compression can be performed by using abdomen skin cover.
  • The combination newly developed lubricant gels realize smooth travel of the instrument and help the colon tube keeps longer. The gels are harmless to the human body and can be washed out just by water.
  • The detachable colon tube helps easy cleaning.
  • Colon tube section can be easily replaced.
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