Skull Model BONElike, Half Transparent & Half Bony, Brain & Vertebrae - 3B Smart Anatomy

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Skull Model BONElike, Half Transparent & Half Bony, Brain & Vertebrae - 3B Smart Anatomy

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3B Scientific Smart Anatomy BONElike human skull model, half transparent & half bony, complete withbrain & vertebrae. Didactic Skull.

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BONElike Human Skull Model, Half Transparent & Half Bony, Complete withBrain & Vertebrae

now enhanced with 3B Smart Anatomy.

The BONElike Didactic Skulls are made of a new material that allows an absolutely natural reproduction of even finest anatomical structures of the human skull for the first time.
Bones made of 3B BONElike look real, have an absolutely natural feel and almost exactly the weight of a natural bone.

This worldwide unique and high quality didactic skull will leave no questions in the study of skull anatomy unanswered!
The possibility to transfer the structures visible on the transparent half to the bony half give this skull a special didactic value.
On the right, transparent skull half the paranasal sinuses can be easily located even from the outside, since these are marked in different colors: maxillary sinus (yellow), ethmoidal cells (orange), frontal sinus (green), sphenoidal sinus (purple).
The cranial sinuses and the neck and face arteries are also shown in color: sinuses of dura mater (blue), common carotid artery, external and internal carotid artery and the branches of the meningeal artery (red).
One brain half, which is also visible through the skullcap, visualizes the brain position and the course of the sinuses.
The periodontal pockets and tooth roots can be viewed through the transparent jaw of the skull.
The lower jaw is mounted flexibly to demonstrate the masticator movements of the human skull.
The didactic skull is mounted on a cervical spine and can be disassembled into both halves of the skullcap, the left half of the base of skull, the nasal septum, the complete mandible and a brain half.

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