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GALAXYMED: Your Online-Shop for anatomic models and teaching aids

GALAXYMED was founded 2001 in Hamburg. Our Online-Shop provides anatomical models and teaching aids of the human body, medical simulators, anatomical wall charts as well as veterinarian models.

We offer a big range of anatomical models from skeletons and skulls to joints and extremities. There are models of highly detailed spinal column and pelves, models of organs of perception, also torsos with all realistic necessities for the training of medical measurements.

Especially to students of medical science and physical therapy or at school in biology class, these anatomical models and detailed wall charts round up a well-founded education . In medical practice or physical therapy these models are very helpful to explain problems and demonstrate treatments to the patients.

GALAXYMEDs aspiration is to be the best provider in Europe with the fairest prices and the best service in that sector, to equip Universities, Schools and Highschools with medical models and teachers of high Quality. Due to our warehouse stock we can offer better prices than the list prices of the producer. We only offer high quality standard products from top producer e.g. 3B Scientific, Erler-Zimmer or Rüdiger Anatomie, original boxed and with a 3-years-warranty.

Docere. Delectare. Movere
(to teach. to delight. to move)

Peter Kirsch