Geriatric care dolls

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    Geriatric Care Dolls

    Medical simulators are made for a highly qualified nursing training. The medical training with a patient care manikin provides a safe environment for skill training, the possibility for endless repetitions, as well as very realistic trainers and simulators.
    The patient care of an elderly person requires some special knowledge and training. The care and evaluation of a decubitus in any stage, repositioning and cleaning the patient, wound dressing, bed baths, denture placement and care, and hearing aid placement are just a few of the skills a geriatric nurse needs to possess.
    These medical simulators offer a wide range of medical specialties from basic patient care like the patient positioning, the daily bath and oral hygiene to advanced skills like decubitus care, wound dressing, enema administration, gastrostomy procedures, tracheostomy and ostomy care and catheterization.
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