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    Clinical Skill Trainer

    Medical simulators are a most useful tool for medical education to explane and demonstrate medical techniques and measurements in universities and hospitals. These training simulators enable the students to practice and assess clinical skills without risking harm to a volunteer especially in injection, puncture, x-ray & CT and seam training. For ENT education we offer high quality ear examination simulators and in Ausculation & Endoscopy you find a big range of specialized trainer.
    • Blood Pressure Training System

      Blood Pressure Training System
      The Blood Pressure Training System includes a full-size adult left arm that may also be attached to any Gaumard adult manikin.
      Article number: GM10461
      1.529,15 €
      including 19% VAT., plus shipping (Paket)
      quantity: Pcs
    • FAST Ultrasound training model (R16590)

      FAST Ultrasound training model (R16590)
      This phantom has been developed to provide simulated training in FAST (Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma).
      Article number: R16590
      20.510,72 €
      including 19% VAT., plus shipping (Paket)
      quantity: Pcs
    • Ear examination Simulator (R16115)

      Ear examination Simulator (R16115)
      This simulator is perfect for training the examination of the external acoustic meatus and tympanic membrane.
      Article number: R16115
      3.607,13 €
      including 19% VAT., plus shipping (Paket)
      quantity: Pcs
    • OtoSim2 - Ear examination simulator (R65100)

      OtoSim2 - Ear examination simulator (R65100)
      Introducing the new standard of excellence in otolaryngology simulation and training technology.
      Article number: R65100
      16.631,56 €
      including 19% VAT., plus shipping (Paket)
      quantity: Pcs
    • Peter PICC Line

      Peter PICC Line
      The only available teaching model which allows review of the principles and tools necessary to validate the knowledge and skills needed for Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) insertion.
      Article number: GM11522
      1.207,85 €
      including 19% VAT., plus shipping (Paket)
      quantity: Pcs
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