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    Thorax simulators save space while offering the whole possibilities and uses in Life Support Training. We offer economical sets of BASIC BUDDY for bigger group training in basic life support as well as specialised ALS Simulators. Child and adult sizes are available. A realistic training of life saving measurements are possible: e.g. training with AED and ECG, Pneumothorax, airway management, cardiac massage, ventilation technique.
    • Life/form Chest Tube Manikin

      Life/form Chest Tube Manikin
      Now there is a manikin designed specifically to teach the theory, anatomy, and skills needed to manage pre-hospital chest trauma, as well as ongoing chest tube maintenance.
      Article number: GM11890
      2.197,80 €
      including 16% VAT., plus shipping (Paket)
      quantity: Pcs
    • Pneumothorax Training Manikin

      Pneumothorax Training Manikin
      Recommended by EMT (Emergency Medical Training) instructors, this model permits instruction of the delicate procedure for successfully managing chest wounds in which a collapsed lung interferes with the victim?s respiration and blood flow.
      Article number: GM11863
      792,70 €
      including 16% VAT., plus shipping (Paket)
      quantity: Pcs
    • Thorax Trauma Simulator

      Thorax Trauma Simulator
      This unique model combines the most important procedures in thorax trauma treatment. It is made of life-like silicon material and provides realistic training feeling to the student
      Article number: GM12306
      8.225,70 €
      including 16% VAT., plus shipping (Paket)
    • Chest Drain Simulator

      Chest Drain Simulator
      Our chest drain trainer is a unique design, combining simulated tactile soft tissue within a practical and durable plastic casing. The practice and training of clinical and surgical techniques can be realistically achieved.
      Article number: GM12324
      1.826,00 €
      including 16% VAT., plus shipping (Paket)
      quantity: Pcs
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